just an average guy on life, gadgets, politics, and my opinion…..


Politics: I grew up as a John F. Kennedy Democrat, just like my father. We were all the blue collar working class. I worked at the paper mill out of high school, but got board with my little home town and joined the Navy. Retired from the Navy after 22 years and move on to a civilian career. My political views solidified after voting for Jimmy Carter. That was it for me being a Democrat. I never voted for any Democrat again. I became a Conservative Republican and I think Ronald Reagan was one of our greatest presidents.

My Opinion: I’m fairly successful person after 30 years of working hard. My opinion trends along a fiscal conservative. My opinion goes right down that mentality.

Gadgets: I have used Apple Macintosh computers since 1988 with my First Mac SE with dual floppies….I like gadgets…I have a 27 inch iMac, a new solid state drive Macbook Air and an iPad 2 ….I am enthusiastic about this digital technology.

I hope to Blog about things that invoke thought on mostly politics, probably mostly from a Conservative point of view. The Main Stream Media can and does represent the Liberal point of view. I think that is why there are so many Blogs today…. but gadgets will be included too.


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