just an average guy on life, gadgets, politics, and my opinion…..

So let me explain the “average” comment….

I was an A7E Naval Aviation Plane Captain..circa…1978 it was the summer… Lemoore California, Naval Air Station…I was a Plane Captain trainee and my first solo performance was being graded…the grade was from LCDR Scotty Mitchell…”an average sailor with a below average performance…” I have always loved this comment because I was below average…just made me want to be better…..


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One thought on “So let me explain the “average” comment….

  1. Everyone is their “own” average. When compared to others it gets personal. OWS believe the are the majority (median data point? I don’t think so). Politicians talk about moving to the “center” after primaries. Is that average? Is there such a thing as momentum? Can a sports team, company or individual benefit from momentum making them above average? In the short term maybe, Flip a coin 100 times. You can get heads 12 consecutive times. Are you above average? In the end the range is 50%. In the end we’re dead.

    You’re way above average since that assessment – you must be on a streak of head flips. We aren’t alive for 100 coin tosses. Keep it going.

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